If you have a blog, something like mine, then I’m sure you have a lot of value packed content, and now there is a really cool new way to take that content and get an instant audience of thousands of people to that content.  Would you like to Build A Huge Massive Video Following In Just 30 seconds?  Read more for the WP Scope Overview and find out how you can do the same instantly.

How? Say hello to Periscope

So this new service called Periscope  ( you can download it through the app store for free) is getting pretty popular.  What this app does is it allows you to do a live video streaming straight from your phone, and since it integrates with Twitter you can get tons of people jumping on to check out your content.


How it all works in 3 Steps

  1. Pick the content you want to talk about.
  2. Download the app, and hit broadcast on your phone.
  3. Make sure you are pointing it the right-hand side.

You then can have a live presentation of your content, and people can interact with you.

The downside is that Periscope only keeps recordings for 24 hours.  However, not to worry, I already found a solution to the problem through the new WP Plug in called WP Scope.   This will allow you to capture yours or anyone else’s Periscope broadcast and use it on your blog.

Watch the WP Scope Overview Below

What WP Scope can  do for you

  1. Use it to build your own personal brand creating  a high-level following from your audience and  get raving fans;
  2. Develop niche authority sites that focus on a topic and have tons of unique, high-quality content on your site instantly;

  3. Get more social media interaction, so you can generate a ton of fresh leads, instant sales, and new cash flowing in the door on a regular basis.

Cindy, the creator of  WP Scope said she has a great ‘explain it all’ video where she breaks it down into simple, easy to understand
steps, so even if you never heard of Periscope before you will want to check this out.


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