Let me get right to the story here.  As an online marketer I find myself doing a lot of videos, and sharing my screen with a lot of people who are interested in finding out how to generate an income online.  Well through this process, I need to also watch what I share with people. Passwords, emails, names, images, whatever it is I can think of, I know I have to go back and edit whatever I recorded, or during my live session, I can’t even show my screen sometimes live, because there are things I don’t want others to see.  The only way I could hide these things, was to edit the video, or image, afterwards, prior to sharing it etc.

I just had it.  I had to find a solution.  This was too time consuming, and how great it would be if you could actually blur out unwanted things, in REAL TIME, while doing your live session, live hangout, Facebook Live, or whatever video you might be recording.    So no more having to wait to edit the video to blur out things.


Together with Chris Grant, and Dave Prosser, we created Easy Blur.



This is launching tomorrow, at  11 AM EST.  Make sure you pick it up.  

This is a revolutionary software tool which will help you in your day to day activities.  It is something every marketer will pick up , because , it’s obvious on how valuable this is .  Simple, yet valuable.

What is Easy Blur all About?


How many times have you found yourself trying to hide unwanted things while you are recording a screen-capture video on your pc or mac?  Or what about while you’re on a webinar call, and you find yourself carefully trying to hide things you don’t want others to see?   Even with a Facebook Live Session or on Google Hangouts, where it will be great to just share your screen without worrying about things you don’t want others to see, in real-time.   Personal Stuff.

Having to edit your videos before uploading or sharing, is as we know it very time consuming.  Private information like, passwords, images, unwanted text, or hiding url’s etc, are some examples of what you can do with Easy Blur.

You can now do all the covering up on the go in real-time.

Save time with a click of a button.   And all you have to do is download Easy Blur, add it to your browser as an extension, and whenever you want to cover and hide something, you just highlight it using Easy Blur with a click of the mouse, and start blurring information and things you don’t want seen…

It’s Really That Simple!


Easy Blur Live Demo

Easy Blur Goes Live in








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