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Did  You Know that videos with NO backround music have a harder time keeping a person's attention?  
Put yourself ahead of your competition with the awesome Beats from Musician and Composer Med Dred, transforming your work into a work of ART.  
Why Promote Beats N' Bytes
If you want to be part of the movement to clean up this industry, well then we need your help.   This is evergreen too.  All sounds, will stay in fashion, for years to come.

We know you are fed up with the same old music backrounds you've been hearing in so many sales pages for the past 10 years.  

Beats N' Bytes is bringing some fresh sounds to the industry so we can make it even more exciting for new internet marketers entering this market.  

No more of the same jingles which probably have made you connect yourself with a product you probably invested and never made your money with as they promised. No more negative emotion.

 Trust us when we say, that Music Drives Emotions and with Emotions you Drive to taking certain actions.  
Beats N' Bytes Music Loops created by a real Sound Engineer / Audio Designer.

Med Dred - Reggae Artist / Songwriter / Producer

Med Dred Has Always Been Into Music, Addicted From The Young Age Of 7, A Good 20+ Years Ago ! If You See Him In The Studio Today You Will Definitely See The Same Enthusiasm He Had When He First Began.

Studied In The Uk City & Guilds (Sound Engineer) Then Went Off To Further His Studies, Getting Himself A Bachelors Degree In Texas ,  And Then Masters Of Science In The UK, Trinity Southern University.   

He Has Been Refining His Sound And Producing For Over 25 Years , Now Continuing As A Recording Artist Under The Name "Med Dred" Reggae Has Always Been His Main Passion As He Was Brought Up In Brixton And Went School There So His Musical Influence Has Always Been A Heavy Bassline On A Reggae Rhythm. 

Recorded in Home Studio with the best instruments to give you that crisp high quality sound...
Here is How Backround Music can Help You...  
It sets the mood of the entire video.  Instead of talking about something , make people feel it driving emotion.  
Inside Beats N' Bytes 
Music in the backround keeps people interested...  
Stop Boring them with the same old sounds, or no sounds.   Don't make them click away.  Images and words that move in time to the beat can be hypnotic to people and keep their attention. 
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DPAPA's Songwriter and Sound Engineer Med Dred, just finished creating 500 Professional Premium Music Loops and have released it to the public! 

Beats N' Bytes was  created specifically as background music for Videos, Animated Doodle Videos, and Presentations within the Internet Marketing Industry.  

Aren't you tired of listening to the same old, boring jingles that have been around for years?  

DPAPA and Med Dred thought this industry needed a change, so they got together and created 10 music categories with 50 Music Loops per Pack.

> Premium Copyright Cleared Music
> Royalty Free - You Pay Once And Use Forever.
> Use for your own videos.
> Use for videos you create for your clients.
> Use for public broadcast videos.
> Never Released, Never Heard of

Grab it here:

The background music affects the viewer’s emotions… which influences buying decisions! 

Getting video music the wrong way can be a disaster. Don't let it happen to you. 

Get 500 Professional Music Loop Now

To Your Success

Speak soon,


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Dear Friend

Do you produce videos, podcasts, presentation, training products?

So you need music, right?

But music tracks are EXPENSIVE!

Not now, 500 of them, for just pennies each.


These aren’t just loops either, these are freshly made specifically to cover the internet marketing industry as we know it.

Created in studio, by a Professional Sound Engineer and Audio Designer using the best instruments for that extra crisp sound.

Don't worry you get covered in every music category you can think of...

You'll get a list of 10 music categories covering Chillout, Corporate, Hip Hop, Drum N' Bass,  Reggae, Funky Alternative, House, Jazz, Indie  and Trap.

So, don’t get stung using illegal music, not only you can get YouTube accounts closed down, you can even be sued…


PS: Get these now, check out the track demos here:




The Team Behind Beats N' Bytes 
Demetris Papadopoulos  
Entrepreneur | Social Media Consultant | Affiliate Marketer | Blogger
 @ DPAPA - Living A Flip Flop Life! 
Med Dred 
Reggae Artist / Songwriter / Producer
All Rights Reserved - - Copyright 2016-2018
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