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Inside Bad Ass Class and A Story To Learn From


So.. when it comes to Internet marketing, Jamie has created an actual SAAS educational system to optimize your ability to operate in this marketing environment we all share.

In his own words, he created a digital university that is in the style of a Montessori curriculum, complete with done for you campaigns and the systems are ranked in order from start to finish, or (Basic to advanced)

Instead of him asking you to spend a ton of time “learning” and watching tutorials, he has ranked each business model from easiest to hardest (1-33) and showcases a strategy to create revenue without advertising! :O

Yep, so for those that want to learn EVERYTHING, not just purchase a course on one specific thing, it’s all in one place.

But for those that want to get started right away with bonafide, true and tested strategies for driving absurd amounts of traffic, this is truly a spectacular collection of methods, probably the best I have ever seen.

If you need to use done for you templates? Jamie is so creative, he has provided EVERYTHING in terms of actual material you can use to incorporate into your business.

So I strongly urge you to dive in head first.

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