If you’re an affiliate marketer, this blog post is for you. I’m going to show you how Thomas, an affiliate newbie, who only started back 18 months ago, went from zero to $1,493,482.70 in affiliate commissions with Clickbank,  and he’s giving some tips, sharing his strategies, and his secrets on how you can begin on this journey to your first million?  

Look, i’ve been a member of Clickbank since 2012 and have seen the evolution of the industry firsthand. It’s fascinating to see what has changed and what hasn’t.  And it’s a great way to see how others are able to have success with this platform.    

If you are interested in making some money then keep reading because I am going to tell you exactly what you need to do, but more importantly, i’m going to show you what Thomas has put together for you so you can start getting results with Clickbank.  Stick around to the end, as I also have some exclusive bonuses you will appreciate as they are totally congruent with the offer “Affiliate Millionaire”. 

Watch my video below for more information on how you’ll start generating results as you see below.


Affiliate Millionaire Review and Inside Look!

Affiliate Millionaire review


This is What You Are Getting Inside Affiliate Millionaire


Pre Training : Mindset

Establishing The Affiliate Millionaire Mindset


Module 1 : Discovery Time

Discovering the perfect niche market to enter.

Have you been wondering what  the best niches to enter are? Do you prefer high or low risk – trending or evergreen niches? The answer is inside Module 1.


Module 2 : Landers

Which type of landing pages work best for each type of market.

Various offers prefer certain types of landing pages. Inside this module we reveal which landers are working the best for certain niches. No stone left unturned.


Module 3 : Tracking Set Up

The tracking you MUST put in place before spending a single dime on traffic.

Tracking can sometimes be a scary word. We make it simple and show you the recommended steps to ensure you are tracking the correct way which is essential for affiliate marketing.


Module 4 : Traffic Time

A – Z of setting up your campaigns the right way

This is a super content packed module and honestly is priceless. A true A-Z guide showing you each step of the way of exactly how to set up a campaign from the start > end.


Module 5 : Creating Ad Creatives

How to design your ad creatives and images and where we found the best designers.

Creating images and graphics is critical to getting your ads clicked and costs down. We show you how to find the best designers at rock bottom prices. There’s also a little tip you can use to create graphics for free that convert like crazy.


Module 6 : Launch Time

It’s time to start the traffic to your campaigns – are you ready?

The time is now! You’ve followed Modules 1 > 5 and are now ready to launch your first campaign. This is the exciting part! (Reminder – please watch all previous module before you do this).


Module 7 : Scaling and Optimizing

How to “turn on the tap” and scale your campaigns fast

Once you have your winning campaigns the next stage is to optimise them – then scale traffic. Here’s the exact method of how we do it.


The Upsells Found in Affiliate Millionaire


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