Achievr Method

Your traffic is your missing piece to getting results online.   Traffic methods are changing, and everyone has a different strategy.  The important thing is that you have to stay updated.  Sometimes the information you get about getting traffic is probably outdated.  Who knows.  But when there is a solid method, where you can use it, at any point and time, and get instant results, then you need to pay attention.  You probably have seen it before, and you probably even followed through yourself, to become that buyer for that person who click baited you.  Now if you are here reading this, you are probably someone who is looking for free traffic back to his or her offers, and you probably needs a quick solution to your problem.   Well, before I give out the solution to your problem, let me explain that  a couple of months ago, I met up with a  guy called Kal Bartal, who is a  39-year old truck driver (left in picture taken with me )  in Ireland.   We started to share secrets at the event, and he showed me his method of getting Free traffic that’s helping him make 190.71+ per day with the Achievr Method.   I can vouch on this that it’s true

I asked him why was he at the Marketing Alliance Event, he said, because he’s ready to show his secret and he wanted us to see and give him our feedback.  Well, this is why I go to these Marketing events, to get this type of information, not shared with anyone else 🙂

>>> CLICK HERE ON On September 5th at 10am EDT << 


A few months ago, he was a complete newbie, and now, he’s absolutely crushing it and is quickly replacing the salary he’s making at his job.  Safe to say, he’ll probably be quitting his job very soon!  What’s really cool about this is he’s getting these results consistently and often and the best part is that he can use this Strategy for anything,  Like affiliate marketing, ecom, List Building, or selling your own products.   So if you’re looking for that free traffic method that actually works, then you need to check out the Achievr , when it get released to the world , on September 5th at 10am EDT US.

What is Achievr Exactly and what do you get inside!?



Front End – Free Traffic Achievr

Free Traffic Achievr is a step-by-step video training & PDF course, showing how Kal Bartal gets $100-200 paydays using 100% FREE traffic! Completely new, with tons of recent proof & results!

OTO1 – Case Study, Advanced Training + Coaching Program

Achievr PLUS is an advanced training course that shows your customers how to get 10x faster results using Kal’s scaling strategies. Your customers will also receive a full-blown case study video showing EXACTLY how Kal made $200 from FREE traffic. Not only that, your customers will also be adding to Kal’s exclusive FB Group Coaching Program.

OTO2 – Done-for-You Pack

Achievr DFY Pack is a massive Done-for-You pack to help your customers with a lot of the potential tedious work. The DFY pack includes: DFY posts, DFY swipes, DFY evergreen niches, DFY offers, DFY sales script, DFY qualifying questions and DFY groups.

OTO3/DS3 – Resell Rights

Allows your customers to become affiliates at 100% commissions ($27 for FE reseller rights, $37 for entire funnel reseller rights) and make money promoting this high-converting funnel!

  • 100% FREE traffic strategy
  • 39-year old truck driver makes $190.71+ paydays
  • Extremely newbie-friendly
  • Brand NEW fresh case study
  • Consistent results month after month
  • Works in MANY niches
  • No SEO needed
  • No product creation needed
  • No experience or tech skills needed
  • ZERO upfront risk
  • Step-by-step videos
  • Case study video included in FE product


Just so you can see how valuable this can be for you, please check out the testimonial I got from one of my Coaching Calls I did the other day for another product I was reviewing.   So if you decide to pick up Achiever from my links below, you will get the same type of coaching call that Ken Araneta got.  And believe me, it’s well worth everything you might have picked up or paid for previously.  I don’t hold anything back. This is valued at $997 and I’m allowing you to get it only through Achiever.

More Bonuses
(Delivered inside Free Traffic Achievr members area)

BONUS #1: Easy Peasy Ecom (VALUE $297)
Kal reveals his complete E-Commerce system he personally developed to the tune of $100/day without the use of a website or an advertising budget. Yep, 100% FREE traffic! No inventory or any kind of upfront investment required with this method and it’s a great bonus to go along with your “Free Traffic Achievr” purchase today.

BONUS #2: InstaCash System (VALUE $97)
Does FREE traffic still exist? You bet it does. As a Free Traffic Achievr member, you’ll get Mehdi’s InstaCash System he’s used to make sales from Instagram using 100% FREE traffic. This is something NOBODY is teaching or doing on Instagram, and it still works to this day. A priceless bonus for a creative way to monetize the targeted traffic you’ll be getting.

BONUS #3: Tidalwave Traffic (VALUE $197)
Tidalwave Traffic will help you see how to get penny traffic in any niche and collect as many as 480+ leads a day in the process. Perfect for fast traffic to anything you need!

BONUS #4: Shoestringer $3K/Month (VALUE $127)
Build a job replacing income on a shoestring budget and follow Kal’s steps as he reaches $3,000 in his very FIRST month online. Start from scratch with no email list, connections or any online assets. Like the “Free Traffic Achievr” course, this is a newbie-friendly training to take you from “zero to hero” online!