I came across a new strategy that i didn’t even think about. It’s through the new training course called, Smackdown profits and it’s based on a fresh new case study detailing a brand new way to use free traffic for easy profits. It’s Combining a very simple marketing “funnel” and 100% free traffic, WITHOUT needing any affiliates, SEO, or paid traffic.


This is an incredibly simple system that just plain works. Perfect for newbies, people who want to grow their followers, and anyone who is struggling and wants the easiest way to start generating a scale-able income online.

Watch my video on Smackdown profits below

So what is Smackdown Profits Exactly ?

In a nutshell, this is a RARE find.  There are way too many garbage products out there these days. But this one is DIFFERENT.  The guy behind this method, Manny Hanif, has implemented this strategy time and time again. And he’s banked 100+/day with it almost every time. Without having to rely on affiliates or ANY of that nonsense.  You will be using Fb Groups and A Cash network place, like Jvzoo to get you started.  This could be the first time you’ll be generating an income through your own products online.

Your Bonuses When You Pick Up Smackdown Profits


BONUS #1: Lazy Profit Explosion (3000+ SALES)
This bonus is a tested and PROVEN 10k/mo “Lazy Profit” System that EXPLODES online profits in just 24-48 hours even if you have NO list, NO product, and NO online assets. The method by itself is VERY easy to do and is based on using a super HOT and unique traffic source.

BONUS #2: Supersonic List Machine (1000+ SALES)
This “Supersonic” machine can take any newbie from nothing to 100/day within just 24 hours. So it’s a perfect compliment to Smackdown Profits. When you have both of these in your arsenal, you will have that much more firepower to hit that 100/day mark once and for all.

BONUS #3: Speedy Snowball Profits (2500+ SALES)
Hands down one of the most simple and “Speedy” methods to banking 5k/mo online. This is SO simple to do and SO overlooked. No need to have a mailing list. No need for JV partners. This is 10x easier, and 10x SPEEDIER than that stuff.

What Are The Upsells In SmackDown Profits?

OTO #1: The Smackdown SUPLEX
This is step-by-step training on how Manny banked a $100+/day on an alternate platform (Instagram). This way your customers get the best of both platforms (both FB and Instagram), and can hit $100/day with either one.. or go for BOTH.

OTO #2: The $5k Smackdown
This exclusive training reveals a recent case study where Manny closed a quick & easy $5k deal. Everything is laid out step-by-step on exactly how he did it. This is so easy to do. Anyone can replicate this. And it’s the perfect tie in to the Smackdown Profits method. Since this will be $47 for this OTO, we’re also including 2 killer bonuses from Manny to make sure your customers JUMP on this.

OTO #3: Exclusive 1on1 Coaching with Manny Hanif
Manny plans on charging $1500 to $2500 for 1on1 coaching that is similar to this. So the $197 price that we are offering is an absolute STEAL. Manny has agreed to take your customers by the hand and guide them thru the entire process so they can start hitting those $100 to $200+ paydays. And your customers can tackle any or ALL of the above methods, doesn’t matter. Manny will be there to help them get RESULTS they can finally write home about.

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