So, on May 14th, Bill Hugall and Samuel Cheema got together, to bring out GB Cracked. My personal case study training, which helps people get their feet wet in the ecom industry. Something which is huge….anyways, after a month of preparing, we finally launched on May 14th.


My experiences…..

Oh my…. what a week this was. As soon as we opened our doors to GB Cracked the system crashed cause everyone wanted in  .

We started with a $7 dollar front end tag….which attracted many affiliates who were promoting this with 100% commissions. That pushed everything else , upsells etc.

The phone didn’t stop notifying me on sales, my phone was on a charger 24/7 for 7 days straight. What an experience.

I finally made it to top 10 list on leaderboards on the JvZoo Platform, only to get Product of the Day on there…which is a huge accomplishment on my end. I also , got no. 2 spot 2 days in a row…and then just top 10 for the rest of the week.

This is considered one successful launch. With amazing affiliates who saw the value in my training…and they knew it can help their own lists.

So its all about quality. And i’m about quality. I won’t do anything else…and that’s why i’m so successful at this point, cause i really feel i can put an impact with my training and my own style of teaching.

Bill Hugall is my own personal Knight In Shining Armor. 😀 Bill is a respected marketer, who has made an impact on other people’s lives, as he has done with me. I can’t be more grateful than Bill for providing me with his experience and his own personal strategies, that helped me get up on that Mountain peak i’ve been trying to reach for so long. But it was only done when he saw and believed in what i had created.

I’ve been at this for 3 years and a half, with full determination of making things happen for me. It started slow, then it picked up, and now its not stopping anymore.

I have grabbed on a momentum that there is no stopping.   Many nights, sitting hours upon hours of creating, learning, investing..

YOU DEFINITELY don’t know what i’ve been through… and none is luck! .. NONE!.

I love what i do, and that’s what matters and it shows 🙂

So with this post, all i have to share here is my gratitude for everything that has come to me up to this point. The people and the Universe working for my wants. That’s what it is basically, cause everything i’ve been able to achieve , were all goals, which i wrote down in a little blue book, which they MAGICALLY come true everytime. Amazing stuff. 😀

I’ve come such a long way! I’m on another level now. 🙂
Milestone Reached!

Next milestone….to be announced 😉

Thank you for everything!