To ensure you blog successfully you must learn how to blog properly. I thought I knew what I was doing, but I was far from it.




Believe me, I didn’t know how to blog…NOW?…Well now I feel it comes so natural to me.
Too many people start to blog with little to no knowledge in what and how to blog in the correct way.



In the last year, I’ve been practicing my blogging skills but also, joined a special affiliate community that helped me build on my skills even more.



So I thought, I’d share the knowledge with you, of what I’ve learned and what I think are the most important basics in Blogging successfully.


Here are my 5 quick tips on how to blog successfully.  TAKE NOTES!


#1 Content Must Be Rich And Well Researched.


To ensure that your blog stands out from the millions out there and keeps readers coming back for more, you will need to keep it up-to-date with relevant and quality information that you have researched so that you can ensure correct content for your followers.


DO NOT  spend 5 minutes and post something that you yourself are struggling to read with your eyes open, as this tends to have the same effect on your  readers!


This post took me over 2 hours to create.  Sounds a lot, but I like to sound like I do here.  That’s my passion taking over!


Include pictures that relate to your blog niche.


This not only looks good, but will ensure that search engines bots spider your website quickly.


You could also include videos but make sure that you have permission to add it and it relates to your blog niche.


#2 Blog Frequency !


Frequent blogs ensure the readers are kept intrigued. Now this should be once at least every 2- 3 days. Any longer than that and you jeopardize keeping and readers you already have and those potential ones.




Honestly the more the quality of the post, the better. Power bloggers blog 3- 5 times a day!



Not only do new blog posts give people a reason to return to your blog, they also help your blog in terms of search engine optimization.



Each new post is a new entry point for viewers to find your blog. The more entry points, the better the chances are that new readers will find your blog.


#3 Promotion Is Key.


To ensure you get multiple links from your post and a generous amount of followers to your blog you must promote your blog



Know there are many ways to do this, for example; Promotion through website linking, search engines, traditional directories etc.



I have my personal favorites that work for me time and time again.(which I will be sharing at some point or another here).



A few I’d like to point out are

  • Guest Posting
  • Networking
  • Advertising
  • Social Media
  • Viral Content


By using any of these techniques you will soon find that you have more readers than you ever thought possible.



#4 Search engine Optimization (SEO)


Don’t freak out! It’s not that complicated! Search Engine Optimization (SEO) isn’t as complicated as you think.



However if you do get more deep in this, there are methods that could get confusing, but for now stick with these tips I’ve mentioned which you can do yourself.DSC_0522



The rest can be done with widgets, programs, plug-ins, or with some type of subscription or purchase for someone else to do this for you.



I think you can do it yourself.



Like I said, I was CLUELESS, and now I’m here to teach you. Imagine…


You should optimize your blogs correctly by showing importance to keywords throughout you blog. Any title that you use in your blog must be

related to your niche market.


Don’t forget to Optimize your meta description tags and the title tags will also help search engines find your blog.



#5 Make it Unique


This is one is a my favorite ! The best way to ensure that your post are quality keyword rich content, is to write them yourself.


Make it unique. Be Unique.


Now hopefully, being here, your probably an aspiring blogger? You’re already probably thinking, or writing on your own niche.



You probably have a passion in the area that your blog is in if your writing about it. Having a passion for your niche market will help so much as your views and feelings will flow with the words you write.



Its amazing what passion can do. Being a Greek, I can honestly tell you its in my DNA. Greece Won UEFA European Cup in 2004. Their passion is what got them to lift that cup.



I could sit here and write for hours about my experiences with all this. It’s making me alive again! If you’re able to write unique content, then everything else will be easy for you, trust me!



This will help you come through as an expert in your field.



I hope you enjoyed my 5 quick tips on how to blog successfully. For more articles such as these, please subscribe to my blog.