This is my review, and the reason why I liked this app so much was because it really helps me build my Twitter account with real prospects. The whole point of social marketing is simple: to build your audience. But it’s MORE than just a numbers game, and having 10K followers don’t mean much if they’re not engaged and interested in your offers.  It is much better to focus on an audience that’s going to take action when you promote.   Understand that by having 2 dozen fan pages isn’t going to make that happen.

There is A SYSTEMATIC approach to sourcing niche-specific prospects by engaging with them in a SMART way And turning them into loyal, long term leads. This breakthrough software takes ALL the guesswork out of building your audience. By tapping into hundreds of millions of active social users – hanging out on Twitter. Not ONLY does the software find you prospects, but it will walk you through specific steps to turn those prospects into your most loyal followers. So when you’re ready to promote a product or service, they’re ready to jump all over it!

 I’ve created a first look at how I used  Check it out below

Watch How Leadz App in Action

Update Video #2 (Recorded 15th February)

Update Video #3 (Recorded 16th February)

What is Exactly?

Instead of running expensive lead ad campaigns on Facebook, or wasting your time trying to build relationships on LinkedIn , get all the highly qualified leads you can handle and keep them rolling in day-after-day, month-after-month with WITHOUT SPENDING A SINGLE DIME TO FIND THEM. is revolutionary because not only does it find relevant leads for you . . .  it also gives you a complete action plan for interacting with your new prospects.

The key benefits of Leadz
* Get all the FREE qualified leads you can handle
* Unique interface walks you through how to create highly engaged leads
* Leverage a PROVEN platform to pack your list full of serious buyers
* Enable Easy Engage to Create Semi-automated engagement with your leads.

This is something revolutionary for Twitter and the way marketers and companies will be using it to generate highly targeted leadz.

Who is For? is For Everyone:

  • Who has an ideal market who hangs out on Twitter (typically a younger, well-educated, high-earning demographic)
  • Who is a product creator, coach or service provider with a high end offer who needs ideal leads to sell their goods and/or services to
  • Who is ready to connect with prospects on Twitter (and we’ll give you a complete game-plan so you never make a mistake)


  • Affiliate & network marketers who want fresh leads to add to their lists and market their products to
  • ​Local businesses that want to increase foot traffic to offline stores & events
  • ​Lead generation specialists who want an edge over their competition (without paying for leads)
  • ​Anyone who doesn’t have a big budget to spend on paid ad campaigns for lead generation
  • ​Email marketers who are noticing a decline in open rates and/or clicks to their offers​
  • eCommerce vendors who want to find new markets for their goods
  • Authors who want to expand their fan bases for recurring book sales

Your Bonuses


Watch The Leadz.Io Demo

Now you’ve seen how can transform your lead generation and you’ve got a good look at our exclusive bonus package.  This low one time price is ONLY available for an extremely short time then it’ll cost you monthly to get the exact same thing.