If you are someone who is looking for ways to build a website from scratch with full video content that can bring you free traffic then keep on reading! .  You can create passive income sites that auto update themselves, with high quality content which is set on autopilot.  You can create a bunch of these cash machines which are also monetized by Amazon ads too.  Check out this brand new wordpress plugin called AutoVid Profit that does all the above for you.

AutoVid Profit Inside Look

What Does AutoVid Profit Do Exactly?

Autovid Profit is a plugin for wordpress where you will be able to create content from video’s, to your website to attract free traffic, and also, monetize your website with Amazon ads as well.

  • Schedule posting, traffic and sales in just one click.
  • Automatically creates video and text posts from youtube.
  • Automatically drives passionate buyer traffic from Google, facebook, twitter and tumblr
  • Automatically makes sales and money from amazon affiliate program.
  • No need to purchase additional themes. A highly converting plugin comes with the plugin. Just install the plugin and the theme
  • installs automatically
  • 100% newbie friendly.
  • Legally steal popular contents from youtube and make profit.
  • It takes just 1 click to launch a complete video based affiliate site.

Your Bonuses When You Pick Up Autovid Profits

DEMO OF AutoVidProfit


Is AutoVidProfit Really Newbie-Friendly?
‚ÄčYes. We built this so that our grandparents could use it. Literally all you have to do is click a few buttons and this plugin goes to work for you.
How is this different than other video site makers?
‚ÄčWe have tried a few different video site makers on the market, and they were either really cumbersome to work with, had bugs or didn’t have the functions we needed. ¬†The main strength of AutoVidProfit is the ability to use a ton of filters when searching for videos, get your video pages blasted right away via our social booster, and monetize the videos using ads, banners via your own links or Amazon.
For example: “Search in the ‘Fitness Blender’ YouTube channel, find videos on ‘workout for women’, don’t include any videos about ‘nutrition’ or ‘men’, the videos must have at least 10,000 views, be longer than 20 mins, and have a high rating.
The plugin doesn’t just find videos – it finds the BEST videos on YouTube. This is how you can monetize them by targeting the best!
Another great difference are the visual templates that allow someone to monetize the generated posts super easily, promote different products based on the keyword the videos were generated with, as well as change the promoted offer in seconds and have the changes apply to all the existing posts automatically.

Is AutoVidProfit Compliant with YouTube Rules?
‚ÄčAbsolutely. All the content is fetched using the YouTube API.
Is AutoVidProfit Compatible With WordPress Multi-Site?
‚ÄčYes. AutoVidProfit works with WordPress multi-site, as well as with multi-site plugins like WP Empire Builder.
Are There Any OTOs / Upsells?
After ordering, there are a couple special offers, yes. These purchases are optional BUT – they definitely help take things to the NEXT level – that’s for sure.
The PRO version that has tons more features, that will allow you to get 10X more traffic to your affiliate sites.
Developer’s rights to the plugin, so you can get paid by clients to install it on their site, or sell sites with the plugin installed.
And finally, we have a bundle of 4 of our best-selling plugins for one discounted price.
What Rights Do I Have to This Plugin?
If you buy one of the licenses on this page, you can use the plugin on sites you own.
If you need to use the plugin on clients’ sites, or sell sites that have the plugin installed, you will need a developer license.
You will get the chance to upgrade to a developer license on the thank-you page
Will You Help Me, if I Need Assistance?
‚ÄčAbsolutely. Please contact me at my support desk, and I will help you with anything you need.